Leon Abrahamson – CEO – Chief Engine Oiler & Director

Main Roles within the Business – Head of Buying & Sales Development

Strength – Assisting FMCG brands manage excess inventory

Weakness – Old Boy Old Skool – Likes using physical paper to write on instead of the CRM.

Having over 25 years of experience in the inventory management industry, Leon brings a wealth of experience to the board, whilst assisting the business in many ways on a day to day basis due to his multifaceted skill set.

Leon’s background… Following 10 years in the dental industry, Leon changed lanes for an assistant buying role in 1997 where he developed a strong knowledge of products across multiple categories inc FMCG, DIY, Garden, Housewares, Toys etc and equally their position in the discount retail and wholesale sectors.

Working across both retail and wholesale businesses here in the UK and for 11 years in France, Leon is well equipped to assist large mainstream brand owners in their inventory management and ultimately their discreet re-distribution into secondary markets.

Get in contact with Leon – leon@sur-pros.com or 07376 504871.

Joshua Abrahamson – Director & Founding Partner

Main Roles within the Business – Assistant Buyer & E-commerce Redistribution

Strength – Supporting Small Brands & Excess E-commerce Inventory

Weakness – Drinks 5+ coffees a day

With 5 years experience in buying and selling online, predominatley in the ecommerce sector, Josh is highly versatile when it comes to managing/planning inventory changes and implementing exit strategies to redistribute excess & surplus stock.

Josh’s expertise is to ensure our clients can continue to focus on their profitable core business whilst he ensures a simplified and smooth process to achieve the end goal of clearing residual stocks i.e generating both space in your warehouse and cash at bank.

Within his previous work life Josh was a strong part of one of the UK’s largest 5* Hotel Recruitment companies where his duties were varied from working closely with Clients from a young age of 17 all the way upto supporting the directors with the decisions & opportunities the business was faced with. This role gave him responsability and allowed him to greatly expand his knowledge due to the individuals he was surrounded by.

Feel free to call Josh on his direct line – 0113 824 4445 or drop him an email on josh@sur-pros.com.