Excess, Surplus & Overstocked Inventory Management Solutions

Managing Surplus & Excess Inventory can be stressful at the best of times, we usually find that there are many factors to these situations however with a specialist on board who knows what there doing, you’ll find the issues can be refined and solutions can be put in place for any difficult situation to be dealt with in a simplistic and stress-free way. We’ll provide you with a plan of action,

Selling Your Stock?

Direct Clearance Offer
(We make you an offer for your entire inventory which will be based on a clear all basis including swift payment – i.e. Proforma or short term agreement)

Joint Venture Sales
Discreet Retail Distribution (allowing clients access to our online retail sales channels whilst ensuring total anonymity for the brand owner in the retail arena)

Tailored Solutions based on stockholder’s requisites and situation at hand. (A Bespoke route to market collectively agreed based on a POA “Plan of Action” in order to redistribute the stock in question)

Looking for Stock to Buy?

Sourcing Stock from Reliable Suppliers & Ensuring you get the best service is detrimental part to any business whether you’re a wholesaler, retailer or distributor. We believe in many ways of sourcing and enabling our clients to establish their product ranges within their selling environment.

We’ve dealt with some of the largest manufacturers in across the Globe and have put years into our due diligence exercises allowing the entire process from introduction or product to repeat orders giving us the confidence in our service.

AIM & RIM (Amazon Inventory Management & Returned Inventory Management)

When it comes to running an Amazon Selling account there are many criteria’s which need to be met for your brand, products & account to be completely compliant with the policies set in place.

Global Sourcing Service

Finding the right product from the 1000’s of manufacturers isn’t easy these days. Many people find themselves with a mediocre product

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